Jordy Heis

Hi, I’m Jordy Heis.

I’m a Merchant Success Manager for Shopify Plus,
designer, data addict and average surfer.

I have 10+ years of digital industry experience and qualifications across design, marketing and business allowing me to speak fluently both technically and commercially so everyone’s on the same page to achieve their goals.

I have been building and iterating on web experiences since 2009 and built over 70+ high quality custom sites from scratch.

Shopify Life

My role at Shopify Plus is wide ranging, but at it’s core I work as a trusted partner with our enterprise level merchants to get the most of Shopify and it’s extensive ecosystem and act as a strategic advisor around key areas of their business including:
– Acquisition
– Conversion
– Retention
– Brand
– Operations
– Technology

It’s a cracking role at a great company with great minds around me.